BDSA Behaviour Policy

The aim of the British Dental Students’ Association (BDSA), as outlined by its constitution, is to promote unity and liaison between dental students in the UK. The annual BDSA Sports Day and Conference are organised to help fulfil this aim. These are both popular events involving a large number of students; it is therefore important to encourage good behaviour at these events in order to ensure that a professional image of dental students is maintained.

At BDSA events, all students must:

  • Respect all the other students present at the event.
  • Have good behaviour in the hotels organised for the event attendees, including respect for other guests and the hotel staff.
  • Respect staff and facilities at sports grounds, lecture venues, ball venues and social venues used for the event.
  • Have 100% lecture attendance if attending the BDSA Conference.
  • Respect any decisions made by the event’s organising committee and/or the BDSA Executive Committee
  • Follow any other terms and conditions given by the event organisers.

Students must not do any of the following:

  • Attend BDSA events without having purchased the correct ticket from the organising committee. This would be unfair to the students who have purchased the correct tickets.
  • Create disturbances when staying in a hotel organised for the event. Drinking in the hallways is discouraged, and the noise level should be kept to a minimum, especially late at night.
  • Attempt to stay in the hotel(s) organised for the event attendees without having purchased a hotel ticket.
  • Publish or upload any public/social media that could have a negative impact on the BDSA or your fellow students.
  • Behave in any way that could be considered unprofessional and as a result have a detrimental effect to the reputation of dental students.

Poor behaviour at BDSA events must be reported to the BDSA Executive Committee. The Committee will do their best to understand the situation fully before coming to a decision on how to proceed. Poor behaviour may result in any of the following occurring:

  • The students involved may be prevented from attending future BDSA events.
  • Deans of the dental schools involved may be informed of what has occurred.
  • If any damages or disturbances result in monetary fines, the students involved will have to pay these. It is not the responsibility of the BDSA to pay any fines incurred.
  • Decisions made by the Executive Committee are final; should students want to appeal they must approach the Executive Committee via email.