Terms and Conditions

Registering for a BDSA Conference ticket indicates that you have agreed to the following terms and conditions which must be followed at all times.

STUDENT EXPECTATIONS: All students are expected to –

  1. Be of good behaviour and show the appropriate respect at all venues and events organised by the BDSA Conference Committee. This includes the hotels at which individual students stay and are accommodated whilst attendant at the main event and all other social occasions that are arranged supplemental to the main lectures and seminars.
  2. Show respect for all other students and attendees at the conference and its associated meetings and events. Conduct evincing discriminatory behaviour will not be tolerated particularly on grounds of race; sex and disability and in such instances those involved will be excluded from the particular event and all other activities arranged around the Conference.
  3. Show respect for all hotel staff; catering staff and any others involved in assisting the organisers at any or all of the venues concerned in holding the varied events during the Conference programme. This includes those members of staff at the hotels and hostels where students are accommodated during their conference stay and this includes fellow guests and patrons.
  4. Illness or unseen occurrences aside it is anticipated and expected that students will have a 100% attendance record at each of the lectures and teaching events that have been organised. Failure to maintain such an attendance level could result in students not being able to attend social events organised later the same day/evening.
  5. Respect any decisions or changes to events and venues which arise from unforeseen circumstances or circumstances beyond the control of the organising committee. There will always be an attempt to reduce any inconvenience to students and delegates and as far as possible any alternative events will mirror as closely to the original Conference schedule or programme.

STUDENT PROHIBITIONS: Students must not –

  1. Attend any events (lectures, seminars or social events) without having purchased the appropriate ticket or been provided with the necessary pass by a member of the organising committee. Proof of purchase or otherwise will be necessary at each and every event and students should ensure these are available for inspection at any time during the course of the event.
  2. Attempt to stay or share accommodation at any venue, such as hotel, without having made an appropriate booking and paid any necessary deposit.
  3. Leave any establishment, such as hotel, without settling their account
  4. Create excessive noise or behave in any way conducive to giving rise to complaints from fellow guests and patrons that could lead to management involving the police (should the conduct give rise to a criminal complaint by guests or staff.
  5. Attend any of the teaching events or lectures intoxicated or under the influence of illicit substances or in possession of alcohol or any other such item which might influence poor conduct or decision making.
  6. Behave at any time in a way that could be deemed unprofessional or contrary to the image and reputation of the BDSA and fellow students.
  7. Publish or upload any information or comment on any website or social media site contrary to the interests of Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry or BDSA without first warning the organisers of that intention and providing some material for consideration and debate before such comment is allowed into the
    public domain.

Any student that is deemed to be breaching the conditions and expectations set out above could give rise to –

  1. A prohibition on the student attending at any or all future BDSA events depending upon the seriousness of the misbehaviour.
  2. Deans of the respective Dental Schools being informed of the alleged or actual misconduct.
  3. An immediate request to leave the Conference and a refusal to supply necessary passes and tickets for any or all of the remaining events irrespective of whether or not such passes or tickets have been paid for (This includes being asked to vacate accommodation, if the breach is considered to be of appropriate seriousness.)


  1. Note that the prices stated on the registration form are provisional and are subject to change, students will be informed of the price change before purchasing of the ticket.
  2. Any resale of tickets without the approval of Barts and The London BDSA Committee is prohibited and Barts and The London BDSA Committee will not be held liable for any monetary loss.
  3. Any student wanting an exchange of ticket personally (i.e from an event only ticket to a hotel ticket etc.) should email ​bdsabarts2020@gmail.com​ and adjustments will be made subject to availability.
  4. Any request for refunds should be emailed to bdsabarts2020@gmail.com before 1st January 2020.
  5. All refund requests will be considered on a student by student basis depending on each individual’s circumstances and cannot be guaranteed.


As regards any events alleged to lead to inappropriate behaviour or misconduct then upon reasonable and impartial consideration the decision of the Executive Committee of the Organisers is final. Any meeting held by the committee to deal with such issues will be held as soon as practicable and the relevant student will be notified of the decision as soon as possible. All relevant evidence will be taken into account and considered but where the evidence is patent and overwhelming then the decision could be immediate and will be final.

Any proposed appeal by any student or delegate should be e-mailed to the Barts and The London BDSA Committee within 48 hours so that any further deliberation or consideration in light of new evidence or plea in mitigation can be taken account of so as to influence decisions particularised at points 1 and 2 under the heading Consequences. If the fresh evidence convinces the committee that it had reached an incorrect decision, then any money expended on tickets to which the student was refused entry will be considered for refund. In this case should the student also want the committee to communicate any retraction by email then it will endeavour to do so to the student’s satisfaction.